Free Interactive SSRS Report:
GP User Activity Maintenance

Maintain GP Users from outside of Dynamics GP.
Completely free, including support.

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Why this report?

There are three main reasons why I built this report and am offering it to the GP Community.

  1. It is functionally useful to just about any company running GP. Check out the SWAY presentation below for some interesting things it might help with.
  2. I want to provide value to the community up front in starting off my new endeavour, GP Reporting Services.
  3. I love showing the power of the tools you probably already own. SSRS is amazing and way underutilized. I hope seeing this report will help get your thoughts going on other possible creative solutions.

What is included with this report?

You will receive:

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, send me an email anytime.


Adam @ GP Reporting Services

Independent Consultant and Owner of GP Reporting Services.

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